Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake : A Horror Fashion Review

Ah the magic of summer camp. The dust that never leaves your eyes when kicked up by fellow campers on the trails, the sound of the lake brushing up against the rocks on a calm cool summer night, Mrs. Voorhees standing behind an evergreen while her knife glistens in the moonlight. The memories come flooding back.

My parents never had extra funds to send me to camp when I was young. So when I was a freshman in high school and a camp a few hours away needed someone to work there and live on site for the summer, I was the first one to show up. I ended up working at that camp for all 4 summers of high school. It was a dream. This August, my beloved birthday month, I got to take a road trip back to that camp and it was surreal to see it again. The lake looked exactly the same, the cabins were all right where I left them and the smell of the familiar woods was overwhelming.

So, it was only fate when this month we were given a Friday the 13th on a bright moonlit night. I went to a double feature horror viewing of the original Friday and the 2009 remake at the Egyptian Theater downtown. It was exactly what I needed, and only my second time going back into a theater since covid began. It brought back all the wonders and terrors of working at camp. With summer gradually coming to an end, it’s time to close it out in true HFR style. So get your flashlight, your itchy blanket, and follow me into the woods as I breakdown the ‘fits and characters of the original Friday the 13th from 1980.

Out of the five girls in this film, only three of them I would consider to be main characters. And that’s what we know and love about the horror genre, no real surprises in the recipe, until we reach that ending 😉 We have, Jeannine Taylor as Marcie, Laurie Bartram as Brenda, Adrienne King as Alice, Robbie Morgan as Annie (who unfortunately never makes it to camp), and of course, last but never least, Betsy Palmer as the mystifying and horrifying Mrs. Pamela Voorhees.

Let’s start with Annie.

The most gorgeous hair in all the land

Freckled face, too trusting, getting in all sorts of cars with strange fucking people, Annie. INCREDIBLE hair, killer smile, and too much determination to think straight. Orange is her pallet, and I DIE for orange, it’s one of my favorite colors. But is that enough to back her outfit? Idk. The high waisted blue jeans that have a slight flair are great, very on pointe with the time of year. The orange long sleeve tee and an orange blue and yellow plaid button up over top is also cute and the combination of colors here are working well. It becomes too much orange once we see her shoulder bag that is also an orange, only a darker shade.

What I don’t understand is the additional orange in the hoodie choice. We don’t see much of Annie but what we get is wholesome, the oranges remind us of that subtle spice but mostly nice attitude that Annie carries. I would say that the reason she gets killed early on is because of her burnt salmon colored hoodie that’s wrapped around her waist. Even Mrs. Voorhees had enough of the fucking oranges and had to kill her.

R.I.P. Annie, we wish you a heaven full of orange hues.

Next up, is Brenda.

The only thing I don’t like about this outfit is the fucking hair

Stripes is her thing. We meet her in bright red shorts that match her red and white stripped tank and she completes it with a light chambray tied in the front. Fully backing these choices! It’s screaming summer time, but it’s also just the right touch of modesty at the same time. It’s so Brenda.

When we see her again, she covers up even more in a pair of light wash denim jeans that fit her perfectly but they are boot cut because she’s not trying to have them be too tight. What can I say about the rainbow stripes here with the bright red trim?

Well, we know that red is a seductive and sensual color, it’s a loud and bold color, and for Brenda, it makes sense. She’s the kinda girl that is outwardly modest but has a secret sultry side to her. She’s drawn to reds because that connects with her true identity, the one that she tries to keep hidden and buried.

Stripes and God go hand in hand

The rainbow stripes are playful, honest, and low-key. She’s a sexy babe but she’s not a high maintenance one. The only thing that would scare the boys and girls away from her is that tiny gold cross necklace. And maybe also that hairdo.

The comb over situation here is killing me

When she gets into the strip-Monopoly game, that’s when we see more of her hidden self. Eager to take it off and show off her pink bra with a while lace trim. VERY feminine, VERY sexy, but the gold necklace still hangs and she’s forever stuck between her two selves.

The choice of the green raincoat is an odd one. It’s perplexed me ever since I saw it. Everyone else has yellow raincoats and also the thinner light red style. But Brenda has a vibrant crayon box green. Why? To further set herself apart from the others? Possibly. To show that she doesn’t care about clashing colors? Probably. Or is it because she knows that green is the eternal color for “go”, and that all of her wants to be a babe that is free from form and shape and structure and religion. We may never know the inner-workings of Brenda’s struggles, or the raincoat choice, but we do know it lives on in between frames, waiting to be discovered.

The last outfit she wears is iconic Brenda. The long, down to the floor, godly nighty with the lace embellishments. For her death to come shortly after she puts on the white gown is symbolic. The true virgin at camp sacrifice.

Next, we have Marcie. Marcie is girl next door. Calm and cool, serene and charming. Elegant but doesn’t mind getting her clothes dirty. That’s her vibe.

Cannot get over these brown pants

We see her mainly in one outfit, a cameo pink tee with brown pants. Let’s talk for a quick second about the versatility of a brown and pink color combo. First, it is stunning. Second, it can be worn in EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. Prove me wrong.

If you have the right shades, it’s the most versatile and powerful color combination because it can be worn all year long. Third, the choice of cameo pink over any other shade was a magical call because cameo is the pink you’d want to see at camp and you wouldn’t bat an eye because it makes the most sense.

The middle part is everything here

The tiny tee and high waisted brown pants are iconic. The no bra choice with this cameo tee is classic late 70s early 80s and I am all for it. She’s a babe and she knows it.

Regular white panties, totally girl next door – she’s not even trying to be hot with lace or florals

Let me die in pink and brown!

hottest axed face we’ve ever seen

With the face like that, who cares how frizzy your hair is?

Next up is Alice, sweet and structured Alice. She’s the kinda girl we would call a granola eater, she uses reusable bags and donates monthly to a children’s organization. We see you Alice, woman of the Earth, brown boots and matching brown leather belt to keep you grounded.

This outfit says that she’s the girl that becomes friends with all the guys she knows and ends up dating some older nerd from a nearby college but that she’s not gonna give it up for just anyone so a year into it she will let him go to 3rd base.

Even when playing strip monopoly the turquoise stays on

We knew she was a turquoise girl the second we saw her haircut. Think about it.

I do love this top for her, it’s exactly what she would be wearing, just a sprinkle of femininity in the embroidery and silk fabric. The high waisted straight leg jeans is screaming Alice here because modern style isn’t her thing.

The color pallet for Alice is exactly what we would want. Colorless, neutrals and naturals, nothing crazy, nothing daring. She’s confident in those jeans and button up and we are all here watching her live her best life, even if that includes making a horrible cup of coffee.

Lastly, we have Pamela, oh terrifying Pamela Voorhees. Look at you.

What is more horrifying than a grieving psycho killer mother? One that wears this fucking outfit while killing people. I LOVE how full mother hen casual she’s getting on us.

A long sleeve plaid button up with a chunky knitted blue and sleet-grey colored sweater with argyle print over top and short mom hair (that is totally mom hair because it’s based off of the more mod looks from the 60s so the fact that she is still about it is absolutely perfect and makes complete sense). This is the ULTIMATE killer vibe. Understated, uninteresting, unparalleled. A true moment of horror fashion for Mrs. Voorhees. We are thankful to her for letting us close out this months HFR in full appreciation of a bad-ass older woman who can rock a god damn chunky sweater while killing campers.

Of course, none of this would have been possible to nerd out on without the costume and wardrobe department for this film. Shout out to Jan Shoebridge and Anne King for making these outfits possible and bringing all of the characters into fruition with these choices.

Picture of me during my camp days!

That’s all for now horror babes, I’ll see you again next month for a much more modern Horror Fashion Review that I can’t wait to share.



A Year of Horror Fashion Review : A Retrospective

Hey! I made it to a full year of doing something I love more than anything in the world! How cool. Taking this opportunity to do a mini introduction of myself while we are all here. First and foremost, I fucking HATE talking about myself. So I’m gonna get it out of the way now and then never speak of it agaiiiinnnnnn.

Here’s a picture of me with a stupid sparkle filter

I was born in South America, Peru, in 1989. I was born in a very small sand-dune town called Ica (Ee-ka). I moved to the states with my family when I was a fat little tootsie roll baby. My mom is from the states, white with English and German roots. My dad, Peruvian born and bred has deep Peruvian, Italian, and African roots. Which makes me… human, with dual citizenship. I’m a mix of it all.

I grew up as a middle child with two brothers who’s greatest gift to me growing up was never treating me like a girl. We’d make dirt pits in the back yard with our shirts off as kids and get dirty and cut up and bloody from being feral in the hot summer heat of Arizona.

I’ve struggled with depression since I was 12 years old, I even had a stint in the loony bin a few years back and every single day poses the familiar challenges that depression brings. Depression is no joke. I don’t wish it on anyone.

I started writing at a young age. I was homeschooled for all of my grade school years because of dyslexia and A.D.D, so I didn’t write very well, but I loved it. I realized quickly that writing was therapeutic and my relationship with it became even stronger through all the physical ailments and mental issues and shit that comes with growing up.

I owe my love of horror to my father. He is the reason I grew up watching all of the horror movies I did at a young age. I’ve never met someone else who laughs the way he does while watching them. I grew up watching MonsterVision on TNT with Joe Bob Briggs, watching old black and white horror movies from the 50s, and Alfred Hitchcock’s best. Night of the Living Dead was one of the first ever horror films I watched with my dad when I was young and it blew me away. It solidified my love for horror and for writing all at once. That was all it took and I was hooked. The rest is history.

My love of style, color, obsession with detail, and expression in fashion has always been there. It was there when depression, a.d.d, and dyslexia held me back in most “normal” ways. I would always dress the way I wanted to no matter where I was going, or what people thought of me because it made me feel like I was in control of my life when I didn’t feel like I was in control of my own brain. I guess ultimately, I owe my love of fashion to my saddness, as strange as that may seem. Shout out to reading Archie comics on weekends to see the colors and outfits that made Betty and Veronica so fucking cool and untouchable. And watching horror movies on school nights to see the clothes that the babes in the films would wear and what their character’s were like. This helped me become who I am now, and I’m happy it was there.

Horror Fashion Review started out of necessity. It was inevitable, really. It was a passion that turned into an unavoidable need in 2020, during a time and place when all good things were void. I had nothing but scary time on my hands to stress out, read Archie comics and watch horror movies. I deleted my instagram and social media outlets for about 6 months and stopped writing in my journal because it was as if I was repeating the same day over and over again. My experience was perhaps exactly like so many others. Looking back, I don’t think I would have made it out had I not carved this outlet for myself. HFR allowed me the distraction I needed and the focused intention I was missing. Bonus, I finally had a place to put all my thoughts down about the movies I loved to watch and the things I would say aloud to myself while watching them. Commenting on a bag or a skirt choice was no longer a lonesome whisper when this blog was born. My eternal fashion soapbox. I’m thankful to my past self for starting this. Thankful to my present self for using it when life doesn’t always feel so good.

I recently just graduated college, a fucking accomplishment I never imagined possible, and it took me 5x longer than anyone on earth because of all my shit that holds me back but I DID IT. Graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in Narrative Arts. Now that I’m done with school, the endless papers and homework of the last decade are officially over and I’m ready to use my time to write what I want.

Excited for a new year with Horror Fashion Review! Ready to bust out more of them for anyone out there reading. I also have an instagram I created solely for HFR so check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s @horrorfashionreview

A few things I’ll share that are on the horizon for Horror Fashion Review:

  1. I will be doing my best to post an HFR every month starting in August, woo!
  2. I’ll be posting on my Instagram every other Sunday eve – Sexy Sunday Horror Fashion shout outs – spotlighting a babe that NEEDS to be raised up to the fashion gods for a combo of performance and outfit choice.
  3. I will be compiling physical copies of the major 6 reviews I did this first year and having them up for anyone who wants them. This will most likely be posted via instagram.
  4. Much more than that to come, so stay tuned.

As always, thank you for reading


There’s Pee in the Tea : A Horror Fashion Review

Every once in a while you come across a film that truly reminds you of why you ever loved the horror genre to being with. Recently I sat down and watched Society from 1989, and it was that kinda movie for me. NOTHING say’s “summer’s right around the corner” than a bunch of incestuous alien beings that parade as society’s best boring hot rich people. This one hits all the marks, even the ones you didn’t know you had. And the fashion, as of course we will see, does not disappoint.

We have four main babes in this one. We have Patrice Jennings playing Bill’s incredibly hot sister Jenny Whitney. We have awesome horror babe and HFR goddess Heidi Kozak Haddad playing Bill’s short-lived but bangin’ girlfriend Shauna (Baywatch lovers, don’t let this name fool you 😉 ) We have the gorgeous Devin DeVasquez playing Bill’s new love interest Clarissa Carlyn who may or may not be an alien but knows how to wear a bedazzled jean jacket, and lastly, Bill’s scary hot mom, Nan Whitney, played by the lovely Concetta D’Agnese (Connie Danease). Four mega babes pull us in with their charm and perfect skin wearing their best and worst looks until the bitter end. Before we dive in, let’s shout out to Robin Lewis West, the costume designer for this film, here at HFR I am forever grateful for your work. Without which I wouldn’t be able to write these stupid things. Lets goooooo.

Hot sisters ALWAYS go first, so lets break down sweet Jenny Whitney’s outfit choices. We meet her in her dressing room and we are not disappointed. We knew that rich boy Bill’s sister would be wearing all white lingerie. We just knew it. It’s pure, it’s wholesome, but oh so skimpy. We are into it.

When she puts on a Rosé champagne colored dress with a big front bow we are even more entranced in her goodie girl rich babe world. The dress says sophisticated but the lace panties underneath know they are here to play. The matching shoes, sitting atop the vanity is SUCH a statement here. Why pick them up from off the ground when you can gracefully grab them from your vanity? Everything about this girls life is ease and splendor. The choice of a strapless makes complete sense, she’s not a little girl anymore and how dare you mess with straps on the eve of your coming out party.

The dainty pinky ring on her left hand says SO MUCH. It’s understated, it’s classy, it’s small, its on the pinky finger of all choices. It’s so Jenny.

The front taper on this dress is so extreme – Just like Jenny; cute with an edge
We honestly DIE over an 80s side part

Let’s take a moment to talk about the hair, this is one of the only times we see sis shy away from her naturally curly locks to go through a quick blow-dry and a soft mousse. It’s not trying too hard. It’s effortless hot. The length is perfect. She’s a manicured babe through and through. And though this choice is an ode to her prim and proper upbringing, it also makes sense that this is a special occasion.

That BOW!!!!

The champagne pink isn’t doing anything above and beyond for Jenny”s skin tone or blonde hair, I think this choice is intentional. Using this subdued and safe color pallet for her from the start tells the audience that she is kind, safe, calm, basic, and unassuming. That is of course, until that gross sweaty bulge on her back starts to come alive and we begin to think differently.

Perfect champagne pink with a perfect strawberry lip and a pointed diamond necklace in a 16″ is so classic rich hot white girl it hurts. The dress could not fit Jenny any better. It’s like it was made specifically for her and we are thankful for the detail to tailoring and fitting in the costuming process on this one.

Would we want to be zipped-up by brother if he had just saved us from getting raped by an ex? Something to think about.

When we see Jenny again, she’s in florals. Nothing is more feminine and sweet than a fucking floral fully buttoned cardigan sweater. Oozing the façade of someone wholesome. What screams at us here is the beautiful blending of the rose color on her sweater to the color of the bougie rich high-back antique chair and curtains. She is quite literally a part of this place, tethered in every way to this “society” and it’s not looking good.

The natural curl choice here is wonderful. She’s so much more little girl than grown up here, which is great timing because it’s after she dines and copulates with everyone in town at her sweet and slimy soiree. We get the innocence, but we know it’s all for show.

We LOVE that it’s a cropped silk cami

Later on we see her in a cute, silk lace cami pajama set which NEEDED to be worn without a bra so thank god for that choice, paired with a satin aqua robe. Aside from being massaged by her father as her mother makes sexual stretching noises on the bed, Jenny is true to form, representing young sexual innocence in soft colors and subdued natural makeup.

Jenny’s got a crunchier curl in these scenes…ramping up the tension to her story arch?

When we see sis again, for the last time with clothes on, she’s ready for the bang-out orgy of the century. Of course this means she’s gonna bust out another strapless number. We wouldn’t want it any other way. This time she chooses a tight black and white gown, finally highlighting her good and bad side. Here’s the thing, this black and white dress is reminiscent of a skunk. A thick long black streak down the middle of a skin-tight white-sided dress and we get the imagery. We get the impact. Skunks are cute AND disgusting and that is EXACTLY how we feel about sister Jenny in the end.

Now we know that this is her favorite sex necklace. We know she can afford a different one but it’s not about that, it’s about sentimentality… and maybe she’s got a thing for dirty diamonds
Sis coming out of mommy’s…uh…hole

Oh, mother dearest, how fucking weird you are. High society quiet with a lip ready to be pursed and a growl-laugh ready to pierce. This is our very first glimpse of mother Nan Whitney, played by Concetta D’Agnese.

The full face made-up with a dark lip and the clutched white robe – by this first snippet, we know that mom is extra and we know we are going to get a whole lot of bougie.

Ah, a dark cobalt blue suit dress with black buttons with black and gold accessories to match. Mom even matches her outfits to her home decor. How nice. What do we know about the color blue? That it’s calming, serene, and trusting. What a choice for mother to wear. She’s trying so desperately to express these attributes but what we get from this look is anything but calming. It’s sexy and scary all at the same time. We are terrified but also not going to close our eyes.

Though Nan’s hairstyle is quite hideous in this scene, she completes it (and tames it) with that black bow. Odd choice.

All I can say about the moment in the garden with the tray of snails is that the peach pink track suit with peach pink headband is letting us know just how much mom is into her matching outfits. Or is it a direct correlation to the amount of control this woman needs to have? It’s never a good look when you seem a bit too anal. Nan’s giving us that vibe right now. Also, we know she’s a babe that works out with full jewelry intact. Huge earrings, a watch, her wedding ring, a good sized necklace, god knows what else. That is INSANE. We don’t trust her, and neither does Bill.

There is a lot I can say about Nan here with this neutral pallet. She pairs this long sleeve white blouse and tan skirt with a chunky layered gold chain belt with a long gold chain necklace AND layered pearls?? She matches those pearls with her huge single pearl wedding ring finger that I swear to god was a diamond ring in another scene. I think it’s safe to say that Nan doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing anymore by this point. Equal parts terrifying and confusing, she has lost us entirely. But, before we write her off completely, is this exactly what we need to get from her? She is mystery, she is scary, she is the monarch of society that is all about calm control. I mean, she doesn’t say more than a few words in the whole film. Are we just experiencing what everyone else experiences? Baffled and in awe of the quiet chaos that she is, but a babe we will never truly know.

mom always with her gorgeous tits out in gorgeous lingerie

We see Nan again in a short but sweet moment of bedroom bliss with her wonderful family. She’s in fuzzy heels, she’s in a matching fuzzy-trimmed pink robe that goes with her pink lingerie and her tits are OUUUUT. Her insane but gorgeous red curls are also out to play instead of being brushed and straightened. She’s getting ready for the big night.

There is nothing that says ultimate societal royalty than emerald green. Nan goes all out for her final scenes, of course like she does best matching a beautiful emerald dress to her large dangle earrings. Nan’s hair is at its absolute best here and we are thankful for the moment we get because we all know up in that bedroom it doesn’t last long. Maybe green is the perfect choice for her here, she’s in full balance and harmony with herself, her friends, partners and her life. Long live the Whitney queen.

Next up is Shauna, Bill Whitney’s under-appreciated and super cute high school cheerleader girlfriend.

Always rocking a bright bubblegum lip, she knows how to balance school, cheer, AND a wigged out boyfriend.

We love a thick blue varsity school sweater that’s way too hot for any sort of indoor situation and a homemade button with your boyfriends name on it. She’s sweet, she’s humble and she’s devoted.

When we see Shauna after the gym scene, on the beach in a bright hot pink two piece with gold trim, it’s clear that she’s got brains and beauty. It’s the perfect beach choice, especially with the simple jewelry she wears. Medium gold hoops and a gold chain. Effortless.

The hot pink is girl next door meets bad girl. We get it. She’s multifaceted.
And the award for actress who always looks good when gross stuff gets on her face in horror movies; Heidi Kozak Haddad!

We get a brief confrontation with Shauna and Bill when she’s all charm school and pissed in a faux argyle powdery pink sweater with pearls to go with it. It’s dressy, it’s wholesome, its teenage dream. But ultimately this look is not the best and it actually helps us as the audience move on from her when she tells Bill that they shouldn’t go out anymore. We are over her. Until, of course, we see her again.

The pastels though, are always good on her

Later, Shauna comes ripping into the driveway of Bills gorgeous estate in something more divine than words can express. This zip-up-the-back acid wash soft denim LONG SLEEVE v-neck dress is one of the MOST incredible outfits I have ever witnessed in a horror movie. And for Shauna, it screams attitude and the ultimate “look what you’ve been missing” vibe. Yet, Shauna is the one who drove to Bill, she’s the one that goes to him…. and we are not surprised.

The fucking cow boy boots and yellow gold jewelry accents elevate this dress to a whole new platform. It’s truly unreal. The bubblegum lip has been swapped for a more subdued pink and the heart earrings are absolutely the right choices for teen dream Shauna. It’s young and grown up all at the same time.

All I have left to say about this acid wash dress is that boy would I want to roll up in something like this If I was about to confront my ex boyfriend while he holds a blowup doll. It’s funny though, and maybe so true to character, that even though Shauna looks better than anyone on the planet in this dress and in this moment, she will forever be haunted by the teenage claws of insurmountable insecurity so she will never truly know that Bill has missed out on everything by losing her – not the other way around.

Which brings us to the last scene we get of Shauna’s perfect beauty and her return to bubblegum lip. Shauna is every 16 year old girl in this scene. She is our essential past form. Gorgeous and tortured knowing that the guy we like is already parked out front of a new chicks house a few days after he didn’t take us to that super popular party we were desperate to attend. I hope that when the tears started to fall that we were smart enough to be wearing this pastel pink sweater to help catch them. But most of all, we would be remiss if we didn’t adorn on our perfect heads the simple and effective ode to our dying youth, a sunglasses barrette. Shauna, we hope you eventually found what you were looking for.

Our final girl, Clarissa Carlyn played by the lovely Devin DeVasquez. Is she an alien? Is she super weird? Does she have stunning hair? We are never quite sure about the first question but it’s a yes to the last two. Here’s how you know someone is super weird, not only by what they say, but by what they wear. And we know from the very start that Clarissa is weird as hell.

Red and purple, a classic 80s combination that will live forever in our hearts because it might never make a comeback. This skin tight long sleeve red dress with purple abstract overlay and chunky black belt is a sure fire way to turn heads, and that’s exactly what Clarissa wants. The weirdness comes with the lighter purple barrette and red and silver dangle earrings. There is far too much going on with this look.

We get a breath of fresh gorgeous air when we see Clarissa again. This time on the beach in a teal bikini that looks to be painted on. At least we also know she’s a girl that matches her nail color to her lipstick and I will never be mad at a woman that goes this direction. We are on Clarissa’s side in this scene.

If anyone knows where I can get a bathing suit just like this, let me know.

This bikini bottom dips down in front and in the back which is suuuuuuuch a good look. Clarissa’s not afraid and she may not be hiding anything physically, but something is up with her and we are dying to find out.

When we see Clarissa at the popular party later, she is a sight to behold in all black, sequins, lace, and crazy curly hair. More mystery, less weirdness, the enticing seductress look is being pulled off well by her in a gorgeous deep red rose lip and silver necklace.

Her weirdness falls by the wayside in this scene and we are all wondering who she is and what she will do. This outfit with the all black, bra as a shirt and tiny jacket over top says femme fatale more than anything at this party and we are here for it.

All we can say about Clarissa is that she’s a girl that knows what she wants and goes for it. That’s the lesson. The pink robe that she wears before getting naked with Bill Whitney is cute and cuddly – just a façade – because when she gets all twisted and contorted we know that her true colors are beginning to unravel.

sexy and creepy as hellll

The next time we see Clarissa is when her true weirdness comes back to us and just like that nothing about her makes sense. Hair slicked back, a light purple cropped cami with a cropped light wash jean jacket over it covered in stitching, beads, jewels and bedazzle. The only way that this choice makes sense is that Clarissa is absolutely an alien and therefore just trying her hardest to fit into a human girl mold and do her best with outfit choices. I would sleep in a fucking car too if I ever wore something like this.

The last moments we get of Clarissa are at the final orgy party. We think for a moment that Clarissa is going to become sex soup like all the rest of them but instead fights to get Bill out of there alive. At least we know she’s on his side, but we still don’t know why. The dark blue short skirted dress she wears for this party is a good choice, she is able to blend in, after all isn’t she one of them? She decides on a side pony for her hair and that is her alien self trying to look younger than she possibly is. Clarissa is a terribly confusing character, we never know what her motivations are and why she does literally everything that she does in this film. As a character she doesn’t move us through her decisions, we are just watching and waiting for her to give us answers. Rest assured, the answeres never come in words or in her outfits and she rides off into the dawn with Bill Whitney as they have a weird sex life together and she will one day reveal to him that she is an alien that needs a new wardrobe.

Until next time babes,

xoxo Grace

Goodbye Winter : A Horror Fashion Review

In a smokey bar up in the woods the remains of the New Year fall behind in scattered disarray as a cold reminder that things don’t significantly change after midnight. In the wake of reality, Jeff sits at an empty table in his all-blue snow attire after losing the ski race and the girl of his dreams.

It’s an icy high of 51 degrees here in Boise with biting winds and the slopes in town are staying open another week. So what better film to close out this cold and bitter winter HFR style than Iced, released February 1st 1989. During this whirlwind of a film we are taken to the mountains; a place where couples quarrel, where a scorned dead lover looms in the memory of his friends, where a killer is hot on their trail, and of course, where fashion is king.

My VHS copy ❤

As we know to be true; babes are best in a group of three. Thankfully, we get that lucky number with this film. Let’s break it down. We have our main girl Trina, played by the wonderful Debra DeLiso. Diane, played by Elizabeth Gorcey. And last but most certainly not least, Jeanette, played by the mega hot and mega talented Lisa Loring. This trifecta of characters and their individual styles is exactly what I crave in a horror movie, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Babes in the kitchen: Jeanette, Trina & Diane

A note about color: from the beginning of this film, we are given a good amount of the color white. White snow, white landscape, white outfits, white contrast. Color is key in storytelling, especially in fashion, so it’s no surprise that we are noticing this choice from the get.

Cute babe, cute.

First up is Diane. Diane is the girl we get the least time with in this film overall, but what we get of her is exactly what we need. Naturally, as with all the girls in this film, we meet her in the snow. Diane is a quiet, more reserved, sweet character. She’s head to toe in all-white ski gear, with bright bubblegum pink and 80’s-only light turquoise blue gloves and matching scarf. These colors are playful and child-like, bringing out the innocence in her character right off the bat. We know the trajectory we are in for when it comes to her. Also, the Russian style fuzzy hat is giving us effortless cute.

Each babe that we meet in the beginning comes back after a “4 years later” mark in the film. When we see Diane again, she’s still as cute as ever, with an updated sophisticated look that’s less pastels of the past.

80s Safari print was SUCH a vibe

We get safari print, we get layered crystal necklaces, we get sea urchin-like earrings, we get Diane’s vibe all grown up and we have no complaints. I cannot say enough about this combination. Its Classic 80s meets modest sweet wife who married a doctor.

AND the chunky brown belt

If there was ever an outfit to wear while laying on a bed in a rented ski cabin in the woods after having an awkward fight with your husband, this is the one.

We love a chunky patterned sweater

Diane and her prints. The final outfit we get from Diane is this chunky blue diamond sweater over black pants with another chunky long sleeve turtle neck underneath. The diamond print is a nod to her playful character and the black layering adds the sophistication that comes with years of growth.

Diane, being the sweet and charming character that she is, follows her hot doctor husband wherever he may go. Which is exactly how she carries these outfits. Completely and without hesitation. This particular diamond outfit is what we get from Diane until her bitter end. The icicle through the eyeball as she’s sitting next to her husband was a fitting death for sweet devoted Diane.

Our babe Jeanette is Diane’s opposite. Daring, anything but quiet, sensual, and not afraid to get what she wants. When we meet her, its nothings but black and white, baby, and somehow it just instantly clicks that her vibe is palpable and we are along for the ride.

The black belt, the white long sleeve skin tight dress, the white scarf with the matching hair band, all tied together with hoop earrings. This girl is oozing charisma and she doesn’t need any colors to show it. She’s part good girl part bad girl and the contrast in the black and white obviously elevates these aspects of her character. Also, it’s in the hoops. You have to be a little bad if you’re a hoops girl.

The twisted hairband is such a statement. On the slopes is one thing, but to keep it on in the bar, what a choice.

She’s a dangle earrings girl with a bright fire lip

When we see Jeanette after the 4 year comeback, she’s as bold as ever in fire hydrant reds. Of course, she’s still wearing her effortless black only this time its not as minimal as before.

Black boots, black pants, black jacket with bright fire red socks and matching turtleneck sweater. The Cruella de Vil of the snow cabin has arrived and everyone can feel it.

Jeanette is the sexy, horny, ready-to-go-at-any-moment type character, and lest we forget, we get scenes of her that remind us. Like this one, where she’s eating a raw carrot and drinking a glass of red wine. I’ve never tried this combination before in my naughtiest of moments but when I do, I will absolutely be wearing this outfit.

The thing about Jeanette is that her character goes deeper than just beauty. She’s complex. She wants love like any other bangin’ babe but is conflicted when it comes to her own self worth. She knows she’s a babe and she knows she’s got a lot to offer, but she’s always giving it to the wrong guys. ALL OF THIS is shown with this hairstyle.

We get notes of Jeanette being hot and desperate when she changes in the mirror into all-black lingerie to impress the guy who’s coming over that she decided was hot while speaking to him on the phone. Again, we get her spice with these choices.

Thankfully she goes without the short ruffled sleeve robe before leaving, a VERY good last minute decision.

And what would you want to put over an all-black lingerie outfit? You called it, nothing but layers and layers of white. A long white soft pleated skirt with a fuzzy off-the-shoulder white sweater that’s belted at the waist. Jeanette is diving back into the original black and white wearing goddess she always was. Fighting with good and evil, fighting with being good to herself but always making the wrong decisions. These color choices could not be more perfect for her.

The white shoes say so much here.

The last outfit we get from Jeanette before she is electrocuted in the hot tub and left to freeze, is a simple sleeved all-white robe. It’s delicate, it’s fragile, it’s honest. A lot like Jeanette. We see her naked silhouette through the fabric as she begins to step into the tub.

The strawberry lipstick and the rouge on the cheeks leave us with the reminder of the red she wore when she arrived at the cabin 4 years later. And in true form, Jeanette would absolutely wear a pair of pearl drop earrings in a hot tub all by herself in the middle of winter.

Trina, Trina, Trina! The star of the show, the belle of the snow ball. We are introduced to her in a ski ensemble of white, dark magenta, grey, and black . She balances all of these colors well, using black and grey as more accented colors to the white and magenta.

With Trina, the whites she wears elevate her classy girl next door but also damn sure of herself attitude. She’s the least extreme version of the women characters, especially in comparison to the drastic opposites of Diane and Jeanette. She knows what she wants, but is always far too proud to beg for it.

When we see Trina again in the resort, tucked away with her new lover that won her affection on the slopes, we get the reds we are dying to see on her. Red ski pants with matching hair band and a tight light grey long sleeve. This outfit screams independence and oozes sophistication. With this outfit, we know Trina isn’t a desperate character like the other ladies.

The kicker to this gloriously simple outfit are the shiny solid star earrings that she’s wearing. Iconic in EVERY WAY this choice tells us she’s playful, fun, and she was never a horse girl because she was ALWAYS a star girl instead. I see you Trina.

When we see Trina after the 4 year separation, she’s a blushing new-ish bride still dressed in white. The poofy ski coat with the light wash high-waisted mom jeans is perfect. It’s subtle, it’s minimal, it’s spunky and it’s so Trina.

Under the poofy coat she has a small diamond patterned sweater with a white turtleneck underneath and we aren’t surprised.

The light blue sweater is an easy choice for Trina. Confident, cool, in a stable committed relationship, isn’t trying to show off but also isn’t afraid to look like a mom.

When we see Trina again, she’s changed out of the turtleneck and blue sweater and into a way less obvious choice of a white and red Rockadiles band tee with rolled up sleeves while she lifts dumbbells in the kitchen. What a decision! Just like the delightful surprise of the star earrings from earlier, we realize with this shirt that Trina is way more than meets the eye. She brings to her character more spunk and sass and we are eager to see where it takes us.

We are reminded of the red and white that she wore on the first day we meet her. It mirrors that time. In story arch and in outfit choice it makes sense for her trajectory. Especially when we get her next outfit.

People have been dying, the killer is on the loose and Trina wakes up like an angel in a long blue night shirt with slits on either side and the long sleeves rolled up.

When shits most definitely gonna hit the fan, she rushes to get ready to leave the cabin and in her rush is left without pants. She is bare legged in the cold with her grey and black ski boots and poofy white coat.

This outfit choice towards the end of the film for her is incredible. We get just enough sexy with her bad ass character. Of course, we knew she was gonna hold out until the end and this outfit most definitely helps her get there. Quite literally.

Also, when was the last time you saw this type of style choice in a snow-themed horror movie? It’s so fucking good. There is nothing like running for your life in the freezing cold with a pair of 80s snow boots and a long night shirt. Trina pulls it off so well its almost like she came up with the idea herself.

When she’s back inside the cabin, hiding from the killer, she looses the coat and all that’s left is the midnight blue of her shirt and the snow boots. I can’t say enough about it. It’s so simple, it’s so effective, and it’s what we’ve been wanting from Trina because we knew she had it in her.

The last time we see Trina, is 5 years later. She is back in the snow where she ultimately belongs, husband and kids around her and she’s giving us the white and blues we know and love.

The white baret is upper class playful chic and the chunky two-tone blue sweater says mom over and over again.

Thank you, Trina for being you till the very end. The white gloves are a perfect matching moment with the hat and undershirt. The black and silver chunky belt solidifies her as the woman who got everything she always wanted, just lookout for that snowman, babe.

As always here at HFR, I’m giving a major shout out to the Costume and Wardrobe supervisor Laurel Dokos. Thanks for giving us these goods, Laurel.

Until next time,

xoxo Grace

A Bloody Year Indeed: A Horror Fashion Review

I don’t think I’ve had the time to sit and reflect fully on how bizarre 2020 was. It marked the massive fade out of people from my life. It also marked the biggest Drive In summer of all time. With the anxiety, stress and losses of 2020 there were also some major wins. All I can dare hope for in this new year is to continue to watch horror movies and write about fashion. That’s what makes me happy. I guess if it’s any solid cliché that we took away from 2020 it’s to actually do what makes us happy because we could all fucking die at any moment.

Bloody New Year from 1987 was the perfect movie to end the year with. Pretty much everything about this one was as bad as 2020. I will shout out to the fake snow and cool ghost moments, but while watching this one a few days before New Years it was clear that it was the depression cherry on top of the 2020 cake. The epic intro of the goodbye to the 50s NYE party and the babe that gets pulled into the mirror was the best part of this movie hands down. Ultimately the babes bring it all home, or at the very least what they are wearing made the movie bearable for me. So, happy 2021 bitches, let’s talk about fashion.

my tape & kitchen table

Janet, Carol and Lesley are the 3 babes that round out this film. When we first meet the girls they are at a carnival in early summer. As insane story-line magic would have it they end up sinking a boat in the ocean and get stranded on an island where they find a hotel to change into late 50s clothes that belonged to the babes who partied and perished New Years of 1960. So, yea, this movie doesn’t take place in December at all but thankfully we get outfit changes that keep us interested.

Let’s start with Janet, played by Nikki Brooks. Love the vibe we are given for her with a summer color scheme and outfit that foreshadows the style she changes into later.


A knee length yellow dress, a long orange plaid coat, an orange beaded necklace and a vibrant apricot lip? She looks like a Starburst but we love a statement so I’m not hating. She pulls it off.

Red loofa looking hair bow in the bubble bath is SUCH a move

Of course, Janet is the only babe we get to see in the tub at the Grand Island Hotel they all check into. No complaints there but with the lack of killings in this movie overall it was a double disappointment that we didn’t get any nudity either. But what we do get is a great ghost moment in the bathroom and the bubbles become their own character in this scene. I also can’t say enough about this incredible hair bow.

Had to get another look at this great bow

When Janet changes, we get the best possible choice for her character. A picnic plaid pink dress with a synched waist and flower barrette that matches her string of iridescent pearls.

The apricot lip is still a star
Love this dress choice

Janet is complete. Every outfit and accessory choice for her is great. There are zero complaints that I have for her prim and proper character in her outfit choices. From beginning to end she is a solid 10 for me.

Ghost of NYE babes past

There are few things I actually understand about this movie, one of them being the outfit choices for Carol. Carol, played by Catherine Roman is not giving us much to go off of in this movie. There’s a hidden character in there somewhere but overall her choices seem rooted in either wonder or fear. All that we know is that she has a horrible eye for color combinations with the pastel orange Dreamsicle ensemble she wears in the beginning.

The thin line of shimmer eyeshadow and tangerine lip are working here, that’s about it

At least we know that Carol’s choices are consistently confusing once she changes into the pastel blue dress. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes are cause enough for conversation but this dress absolutely looks 80s does 50s and the bustier-like top is positioned too high is too small for her chest.

Girl, the tangerine lip is actually cute with this blue, but your tits look bad in this party dress

Lets just take one second on the hairstyle here. This was a hairstyle choice AFTER she was wet in the ocean. With this decision we now know that Carol sucks. She wanted a half-up hairdo with a high pony after getting salt water in her curly hair? Talk about a fucking sin. Carol is a conundrum from beginning to end. The only part of the movie that made her hair and outfit look cool was when it was getting it completely covered in fake snow.

Great ghost snow moment

Lesley, our babe, our annoying third, our villain? Again, I don’t know what to say about arch when it comes to these girls, especially Lesley. All I can gather is that she starts out super lame, looking the part through and through, then dies with a hole through the stomach, then transforms into a strange metallic version of Batman’s Two-Face and also a zombie but isn’t completely a bad guy.

We love a high cheekbone but what is this coat?

We meet Lesley, played by Suzy Aitchison, she’s the typical least hot babe of the three babes. This is SUCH a trope in film, the classic uncool, unfunny and unfuckable third member. Honestly though, the white lab coat style jacket isn’t helping her, and neither are the shirt and pearls. God, even the hair is like they wanted to do the whole 80s androgynous manly-girl vibe for her but completely failed. I think the worst thing about this combination is in the pants. If only they were jeans, or something more structured it would have balanced out the chaos up top. Even a fucking paper bag would have helped her more than those blue pants.

Lesley’s full look

All is not lost for Lesley. When she changes into her second outfit she keeps the blue vibe going in a MUCH better way.

Instantly cute

A fully buttoned baby blue cardigan is already a complete vibe but along with an iconic 50s pair of capri trousers with a matching black silk necktie, it’s too good. It’s so simple and so effective. Then after she transforms into her creature-self the outfit is almost too perfect for words. The necktie becomes fully wrapped around her neck like its holding her head on and its a fantastic move. This outfit compliments what we know of her character and thankfully she is redeemed by this combination for the rest of the film.

Metalic zombie ghost?

The costume designer for this film was Katie Pegg and everything that I could praise her for is in Lesley’s redemption look and Janets style overall. The movie completely sucks but the outfits keep us watching. 😉

gross hot

They did their best with the fashion in this terrible film. It shows. Something cool came out of something really bad. Let this be the silver lining we can all look towards for the year of 2021. Cheers!

Until next time babes,

xoxo Grace

Slausens Lost Oasis: A Horror Fashion Review

Well, summer is officially over. I couldn’t let it fade away without devouring a few more horror movies set in the season. Slumber Party Massacre II was a great one to finally watch all the way through, especially during Joe Bob Briggs’ “Summer Sleepover Series” on Shudder in late August. Thank all the gods for that streaming service. Killing Spree was an absolute treat in so many ways. We dug that one out from the VHS room one night and I have no regrets. The last one I managed to rewatch this summer is an epic movie from 1979 called Tourist Trap. Over the past few years this movie has become one of my absolute summer favorites. This is the movie I’m choosing for my horror fashion review to kiss the summer goodbye.

No summer is complete without a road trip, especially one that leads to skinny dipping and good ol’ American western museums. If you want some authentic late 70s horror that creeps you the fuck out while taking in some killer style, look no further than Tourist Trap. Think House of Wax meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a sprinkle of the supernatural and you have yourself one great fucking film. I cannot say enough about this movie, especially the opening scene. The opening scene is EVERYTHING.

SPOILERS AHEAD: If you’ve seen my other reviews you know by now that I focus on style and fashion of only female characters. I’ll dabble in male characters from time to time moving forward but I predominantly stick to what I know. What each character wears in a film says a lot about them, or at least it should, in my opinion. That’s what I try to focus on; how the style reflects (or doesn’t reflect) their individual characteristics, how it connects (or doesn’t) to the vibe of the overall film, and even sometimes how it adds to or takes away from their individual story arch. Because of this, there are spoilers to these films. So if you’re worried about knowing how a character dies ahead of time, you better watch the movie first.

This film revolves around three main female characters; Eileen, played by the lovely Robin Sherwood. Becky is played by the gorgeous and unstoppable Tanya Roberts, and Molly, played by the beautiful and incredibly talented Jocelyn Jones. They are separated in character not only by their attitudes but by their outfits in this film in a way that is effortless and effective.

Becky, Eileen, Molly

Eileen is the brunette goddess dressed in blue. The actress, Robin Sherwood doesn’t have a ton of acting credits and though her roll in this movie is short and sweet, she packs a punch. Her color palette is blue and red in this movie. The colors play really well between the themes of babe vs bad guy, good vs evil and what’s to come for her. The all blue bathing suit under a tight deeper blue pair of shorts gives us that late 70s style we crave. The red heart-shaped sunglasses draw us into her playful but dangerous look. Her character is a bit too outgoing to make it through an entire film and we can sense that right from the start. These choices say everything we need to know about her character and why she’s the first to go.

Eileen being a total babe right before the skinny dip scene

What I love about the red accents chosen for Eileen is that they play well with her story arch. When she sneaks into the house the bright red kerchief around her neck proves to be a fatal move. The foreshadowing of this neckerchief comes back around in the end when her mannequin head gets cut off. Also, let’s not forget the light pink crochet shoulder wrap that she wears into the house. This pink shoulder wrap and red neck tie combo are essential because they are used as identifying pieces of Eileen’s character when she never returns from the house. We as the audience and the characters within the film can know that it was Eileen who was taken and we then assumed was turned into a mannequin. BONUS: The villain wears both articles of clothing throughout the film as to increase the overall horrifying idea of ownership and possession. So, that fucking neck tie and shawl says and does A LOT. Probably why it’s also used in the movie poster for the film.

ICONIC neck tie

Give us cool blue tones. Give us a white and blue striped tube top and cut off light wash denim jeans. Give us a tan leather braided belt. Give us Becky. Becky is played by the great Tanya Roberts, and in this this movie she oozes babe and brains.

Cool blue

With a nice subdued color palette consisting of cool blue tones it allows us to connect with her on a much more personal level. She’s a realistic character that we can identify with most. She’s girl next door, but in a very real way. Also, the tube top is SUCH an excellent touch. It’s sexy but wholesome all at the same time, especially in this color combo. With this outfit, Becky gives us everything we need to understand her.

Babe. Brains. Becky.

Also, check this out, the blood that becomes an accent color on Becky throughout the film is that magic juxtaposition we see earlier with Eileen’s red vs blue. The film is doing GREAT things with these two colors and it’s awesome to catch it. Even as we root for Becky until her unhappy ending, we somehow are soothed again by this lovely pairing of colors. Blood in the water, death versus life. Major shout outs to Christine Boyar, the head of costume and wardrobe and her assistant Jessica Doyle, their efforts here are definitely not lost on me. They completely killed it.

Last but not least we have Molly played by the insanely talented Jocelyn Jones. Molly is HEAD to TOE dressed in white during the entire film.

The hat, the braids, the buttons to the top of the collar SCREAMS modesty

The pure, the innocent, the goddess in white; it’s clear that Molly’s character is supposed to embody all of these and she very much does. This almost suffocatingly synched up look fits her character perfectly. From the very beginning we see her with a sun hat and braids. Classic assimilation of purity and class.

The white jacket buttoned up to the neck along with the hat actually tied under her chin with a light pink ribbon is a dead giveaway to her as the ‘good girl’ of the group. Modest and careful Molly. Its a wonderful treat that Molly ends up being the main babe of the film. She’s unsuspecting and it makes for a great character arch. Molly’s white hat and cleanliness that we are introduced to is so perfect set against the black hat and rugged look of Mr. Slausen. Again, drawing on good vs evil.

Her shoes are white with white straps dragging out the wholesome vibe as far as possible

We see Molly unravel from beginning to end, remaining in white but being stripped down little by little in very smart ways. We meet her all dolled up, prim and proper. Then she reveals herself without her hat and jacket after the skinny dipping scene and we are taking notice.

The thicker straps on her dress, the synch and tie at the waist, the long past-the-knee length of her skirt, the white lace??? GREAT character details here, all the more linked to her innocence. AND THE HAIR, I mean, come on, it’s so fucking prim.

Mirroring white, foreshadowing in outfits

The white is also very bridal which I believe helped this choice of color pallet for Molly’s character. It’s all the more reason why Mr. Slausen gravitates towards Molly in the film, finding similarities between her and his late wife. Molly also seems to lean into the connection fascinated by Slausen’s stories about her.

We feel her wholesomeness throughout, even when she tries to kill Slausen.

As the film continues her hair begins to unravel, the white of her clothes get dirty and for her we feel its the cusp of an inevitable escape, escape from innocence and into darkness of the unknown, or dare I say, womanhood. That’s what makes the shift to her capture and nightgown scenes even more unnerving. She was so close.

We see Molly clean and manicured again towards the end, dressed in that white full length nightgown with sleeves and curled tendrils of soft blonde hair. We can only assume the nightgown came from Slausen’s missing/dead wife. I mean, if he even had one? Spooky shit.

The white is iconic. Molly’s arch from beginning to the end is palpable. The white propels Molly’s character entirely in connection with her actions. It’s incredibly done. When we finally see Molly escape, eyes deranged, the angel dressed in white in a car full of her dead waxified friends, we are content.

Until next time,

xoxo Grace

Killer Summer: A Horror Fashion Review

Idaho isn’t the place to be for summer 2020 in case anyone was wondering. This is already a place with hardly anything going on and now people keep getting sick. Big time. Bars are still shut down and restaurants might close up again, and the running joke that circulates this small ass town is that aliens will come next in line for their time to shine. I feel like that was a meme over two months ago. Whatever, people still wear early 2000’s bedazzled back-pocket jeans here so I’m not surprised.

The Western Idaho Fair officially released its cancellation announcement for this year. It was a matter of time. Unfortunately I’ve come to depend on the god damn fair because when I saw the announcement I got choked up. The fair is my second favorite place in the whole world. Here’s my simple list of favorite places to be:

  1. The Drive-In

2. The Western Idaho State Fair

3. Baseball Game

4. ANY side walk or street that I can roller skate

Basically, I’m bummin’. My 2 & 3 faves are off the summer list for good this year. Minor league is out of the question. Hawks cancelled their season over a month ago and don’t even get me started on Major league. When I watched my first game of the “season” I was pulled even farther down the rabbit hole that I’ve been falling for the past 5 months. Remember that part in the movie Little Nemo where he meets Flip and they walk into that upside down room for a second and then it’s never acknowledged again? Baseball feels like that right now. Cardboard cut outs and fake audience sounds. It’s bizarre. It’s not like it’s the end of the world to see a fake ballpark hot dog vendor frozen in the stands or commentators zooming-in from their bedrooms, it’s just sooooooo weird thouuuuuugh. I feel like this is all a dream now, officially.

But really, I don’t remember a time in my life when the fair didn’t roll into town. I’m glad it’s not coming this year because it would be a nightmare of a time. It wouldn’t be the same, just like everything else that’s trying to come back isn’t the same. I’d rather remember it how it was. Also, wearing a mask outside for hours in 100 degrees sounds like torture.

I’m going to miss those bright colored tents and the way the twinkling lights look at night. I’m a sucker for that. The smell of fried food and Victoria’s Secret perfume filling the dusty desert air? CLASSIC Idaho summer. No fear of dying on the carnival rides this year. No cotton candy stomach aches, or the frosted-tipped carnies inviting me to go to their tents with them after hours. I’m even going to miss the fucking clowns.

Whatever, I’m not going to waste any more of your time being all sad. Life is a trip, nothing is real, 2020 will go down in the history books and maybe I’m just lucky enough to be a part of it all.

I’ve decided to morn the loss of the summer carnival and welcome the actual possibility of aliens visiting us soon by doing a Horror Fashion Review of my all-time summer go-to, Killer Klowns from Outer Space from 1988.

Fuck, this movie is good. A vastly underrated masterpiece. Opening with the iconic, and arguably best Dickies song. The rest of the music is also great. Such a clever movie. Definitely watch it if you haven’t yet. Then just keep watching it because it rules.

Love this band

Straight out the gate we are introduced to our main girl, Debbie. Played by Suzanne Snyder. Think, Return of the Living Dead Part II & Weird Science, think 80’s blonde with a killer smile.

Suzanne Snyder as Debbie

We dive right into a classic car scene at the local make-out spot. The lovely strawberry lipstick and blown out hair is a GREAT introduction to our main babe. As the film rolls on and we get a good glimpse of her entire outfit, it’s all downhill from there you guys.

All white sweatpants and a white long sleeve shirt underneath what looks to be a linen tan colored dress in size 2XL with saggy pockets. This dress MUST have been kept wadded up in a suitcase for two weeks before she put it on cause it’s looking rouuuugh. Add to this look a chunky black belt and yellow dinosaur earrings and you have yourself an outfit that screams 80s. But the 80s aside, this outfit is confusing. The earrings and the all-white says, “I’m Debbie. I’m cute and pure and a tad immature,” then the chunky belt with the strawberry lip says, “but I’m totally down to park and make out on a yellow blow-up raft while drinking wine.” Honestly, I have no idea what the brown dress is saying. Probably not anything good.

From a character standpoint, having this be our introductory outfit to Debbie was doing her and us no favors at all. The conflicting combination of this outfit makes it hard to pin down her personality in these opening scenes. PS there’s NOTHING worse than a hot ass babe that doesn’t know how to dress herself, especially in a film, unless of course it’s for character development. Not sure what’s being developed here with this ensemble. Point is, I wouldn’t want to be seen by anyone in this get-up, let alone an alien clown.

Granted, this was none of Snyder’s doing. Darcee F. Olson was the the costume and wardrobe designer for the film. Olson completely slayed the Klowns and costuming in literally every other aspect of the movie, so I’ll chalk it up to her being distracted with millions of other details by the time it came down to main character fashion decisions.


Thankfully we get a breather from this outfit in the middle when Debbie takes it off and jumps in the shower. We then see the Klowns getting mischievous with door dash deliveries. The iconic moment when mega-babe mystery girl opens the door to Killer Klowns with a pizza we get like 5 seconds of exactly what we need for this character based on what we can see of her outfit.

A sheer white lace cami with dark blue eye shadow and a raspberry lip. Half up half down hair that gives attitude and charisma all at once. Why I bring this into the mix? Because with a side character they did more to build her up with this one outfit than they did for Debbie the entire movie. Just sayin. Debbie is a confusing character. We don’t really know what she wants, we don’t really get her vibe, and her clothes don’t help us figure it out.

This brings me to Deb’s second outfit. A light brown ribbed sweater over a white top. She’s also wearing red, white, and blue beaded necklaces. What is Debbie’s vibe here? She’s obviously the kinda girl who will put on jewelry after seeing a Klown drink blood from a cotton candy-fied person. So, I guess we finally get some characterization here. I’ll admit that the sweater is a great call and it gets even cooler after she’s bit by those bathroom cabinet worm Klowns. The light wash blue denim jeans and the dirty tennis shoes look typical girl next door 80s who’s not trying so hard. I think it’s great.

The hairdo is helping her here, the half up half down with the poofy bangs brings her more sophistication. To add some confusion to this outfit, Deb completes the look with chunky salt and pepper colored leg warmers and she’s back to being a complete stranger again.

Deb, who are you?

I’m not opposed to the muted color pallet chosen for Debbie, that’s a good move overall given the crazy awesomely bright colors of the entire movie. It creates a good contrast. The classic separation of good and evil. This is probably the smartest thing they did with her outfits. Debbie’s a tough cookie to crack in this one and maybe the magic of these outfits is in the mystery. Just like with most things.

Till next time summer dreamers,

xoxo -Grace

Selfie August 3 2020

Summer Scares : The Beginning of The Horror Fashion Review

Summer is upon us. Covid-19 still reins supreme, all the pools are shut down for the season, bars are once again closed, and I’m working less than I ever have before. Now with all this stressful time on my hands, and my recent deletion of instagram, I get to watch summer horror movies on VHS to keep myself motivated and forget about how insignificant life is. I’ve loved fashion all of my life. Ever since horror movies gripped me as a kid and the interest grew fully during High School, I realized that my love of horror and my love of fashion were beautifully intertwined. Not a movie went by that I didn’t make note of everything the characters were wearing and judging them not by their actions but by their outfits. As a woman of color in a world with no foreseeable future, there’s nothing quite like the impending doom of current life to give me the push that I’ve needed to put this love of horror and fashion together in a consistent place. Now I can give killer reviews of the style that exceeded expectations, ruined scenes, built characters, and made me fall in love with the horror genre. Let’s not waste anymore time. The very first summer horror fashion review I’m giving is for the iconic 1988 slasher Sleepaway Camp II : Unhappy Campers.

This is the original VHS box cover

If you’ve never seen this movie before, do yourself the favor because it is 81 minutes of 80s slasher glory. An iconic performance by Pamela Springsteen as the transexual camp killer who picks off each victim in a great and surprising way. This movie doesn’t leave you with too many unanswered questions, and the ones it does leave, linger nicely in the back of the imagination. Let’s talk the look: Super simple and effective. A baby blue Camp Rolling Hills t-shirt that is the ultimate fashion statement of this film along with belted khaki high waisted camp shorts. This is the outfit choice for the majority of the film. The reason this look works so well is because of the subtlety and purity of the combination. You think, nothing bad can ever happen to someone in a cute pair of khaki shorts. This creates a perfect palette to work wonders from, and wardrobe supervisor Laura Paris HAD to know this in her efforts along with her assistant Tracy Thornton. They get all my praise on this combo. It’s a simple choice, sure, but thinking about the little details they threw in to each look is what makes it so great.

In this movie there are three main girls that the film circles around, the villain, the bad girl, and the good girl. That’s it. Super straight forward and to the point. The way that this simple camp outfit was styled slightly different for each actress helped to build their attitude and character throughout the narrative.

Ally, Angela, and Molly

Let’s talk about the bad girl: Ally, played by Valerie Hartman, is the sexually free and ready to bang because why the fuck not kinda gal. She also doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but herself. Classic hot bad girl with big messy 80s hair who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take it. A true icon. Her sleeves were often rolled up with her shirt tied in a side-knot above her waist. Her shorts were chosen to be form fitted and probably the greatest khaki shorts I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m STILL on the hunt for these because Ally looks stunningly gorgeous literally the entire film in these shorts.

Camp bad girl Ally played by Valerie Hartman

The added touch on these shorts is that the bottoms are also rolled up once to be even shorter than anyone else’s. GREAT detail. The belt they chose for her was a chunky canvas type in a tan color that created the slightest color change to the khaki with a big gold buckle. Perfect vibe for a camp bad ass. Let’s be honest, Valerie Hartman wore this outfit like a goddess, even when being shoved into that leech infested toilet. Everything about this look was tailored to her character and her personality in this film. Hats off.

I need these shorts
Her banging in the woods look, the pink panties are a STATEMENT

In comparison to Ally, we have the girl next door and her exact opposite, Molly, played by Renée Estevez. She’s the camp good girl who is so nice it’s hard to be mad at her. It just so happens that Ally and Molly are into the same dude throughout the film, which makes for spicy moments and even more chances to enhance the parallels between them.

Camp good girl, Molly played by Renée Estevez

The same exact camp staples are chosen for Molly but I bet you can already pick up on the differences here. The shirt isn’t fitted to her body or tied in any way to reveal even the slightest bit of skin, its a little loose and tucked into the high waisted shorts, contributing to her modesty and character. The rolled sleeves look less like attitude here and more like it’s just a hot day at camp. The hair choice for this outfit is fantastic, well combed and clean and partly up with a barrette holding it in place. The perfect goodie good camp look.

Molly’s shorts look different…

It’s obvious that the biggest change to this look is the choice in khaki shorts. They are baggier, bunched in the front, and not form fitting whatsoever. Again, a nod to her modesty in character, her inability to want to show anything off, even her curves. This is a perfect choice for her. The belt doesn’t look like it’s wanting to be a part of this outfit, fastened tightly in a “you won’t get in” kinda way. The differences between Ally and Molly’s camp style is imperative to their opposites in characters.

Barrette still going strong even when captured

Lastly we have the camp villain, Angela, played by the lovely Pamela Springsteen who is the most innocent looking girl of them all. She ironically shares attributes in her fashion to both Ally and Molly, taking the good girl but definitely bad girl vibe to a new place. If you notice, she has the same shorts as Ally throughout the film but they are baggier. Angela doesn’t roll up her camp t-shirt sleeves, and always has her hair either back in a pony tail or braid.

The watch helps her look innocent the whole time

The inconspicuous hat on her head as a camp leader and counselor solidifies her as ‘harmless’. The knife on her belt is all the more girl-scout-innocent looking. With such a ‘simple’ camp outfit, this killer character is anything but simple. The little chunky wrist watch, the details on the strap of her camp guitar, to the Camp Rolling Hills sweater in the same baby blue all give exactly what the viewer needs, a complex character with conflicting style that helps to develop her till the end.

Still camp committed even when killing in that Camp Rolling Hills sweatshirt!

Angela is definitely one of my all time favorite slasher movie killers. The way she brings every look together in her rising insanity in the film just helps make her more terrifying. Who knew fashion could be so fucking killer!

Till next time summer dreamers,

xoxo Grace

A VHS Conversation

During our time in quarantine, Nicky and I started organizing our stuff. Similar to a lot of people during this time, it was a way to clean and consolidate our apartment because we finally had the time. We decided to go through his incredible tape collection. Nicky Mustard has been a collector of VHS tapes for over 18 years, and we both have been adding steadily to the collection. While we sat on our living room floor and sorted through it all, I seized the opportunity to have a conversation with him about it. He told me about the reasons behind his fascination, the charm in analog culture, the ugly side of collecting, and what truly matters most.  

Grace Lovera: Now that we see everything out, how many tapes do you think you have total?

Nicky Mustard: Probably 300?

GL: Yeah, I would say, maybe a little bit closer to four…

NM: Yeah, over three. 

GL: When did you start collecting tapes?

NM: I remember the first time I ever made a list of the ones I had, I was 19 years old. That was 18 years ago.

GL: What made you start?

NM: I started because they were cheap. Slowly they were getting faded out, and DVDs were getting more popular. That’s the only reason I started collecting tapes in the first place, there were all these movies I loved and it felt like they were all going extinct. That’s the short version.

GL: Okay, what’s the long version? 

NM: The long version is that I loved the feeling of movie stores so much. The feeling of finding something on a shelf that felt like you were the only person in the universe that knew what it was. Back when movie stores existed, it was like you found some buried treasure that was just sitting there. 

GL: So, bad movies are what you collect the most of?

NM: I guess it’s not just bad movies, it’s kind of an umbrella term for ‘weird.’ I buy family home videos, weird instructional videos, cheap knockoff things, stock footage or police footage. Most of them would have never been released. Up until the last 10 years, they weren’t rereleasing any of this. The only way you could get it was by going to a movie store that was closing and for two bucks a piece you could clean up on all this stuff. You thought there was never going to be a way that you were going to see it ever again. 

GL: I guess there aren’t a lot of the movies that you have on tape that have been released on DVD.

NM: Yeah, it’s like the small tape companies that released movies or instructional videos. There’s no way anyone’s going to re-release Country Line Dancing, or Nude Aerobics on DVD. So it’s almost just like collecting a dying species is what it felt like. 

GL: Like digging for fossils.

NM: Yeah. I don’t necessarily care that it’s on VHS, but it’s just the only way I could get it. For a long time, nobody cared. You would find the most insane weird stuff you’ve ever heard of for $1. Within the last 10 years the collector’s market started and it’s just kind of ruined it because it’s all about showing off that you have a stack of the rarest stuff. I just want to see this stuff. So in a way it’s dying for me too now. At least I have Monster Truck Bloopers III. 

GL: Being a tape collector in 2020 invites a niche audience it seems. It might get harder and harder to find certain things but some of the audience is what you’re talking about, the ones who want to brag about what they have instead of sharing weird stuff. 

NM: Yeah. It’s less of a love for movies, and more of a love for analog culture, which is cool. To me, the point is these are little pieces of history. Each one is a piece of somebody’s life, that’s what is interesting to me. Also, watching them in this way, feels like I did when I was 16 years old in the garage, freezing, seeing a snippet of somebody else’s life, and it was so incredibly weird. You can’t believe that you’re watching it, you know? 

GL: Yeah, I know what you mean. So, analog culture, explain what you mean by that?

NM: Well, I don’t know how to explain it without sounding like an old man.

GL: Haha, that’s okay.

NM: I’ll explain it and sound like an old man. A lot of young people missed out on this type of stuff and they’re trying to reclaim it, bring it back or be a part of it. I think a lot of people are excited about the fact that it’s just cool or like old or retro, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with thinking that but the point isn’t that it’s just on VHS and looks like shit. To me, that’s not the point. The point is that it’s like the only way you can get it.

GL: So it’s actually a piece of history is what you’re saying. It’s like someone’s work.

NM: Yeah, that’s what is interesting to me because that’s someone’s life to them, maybe they were trying, you know? I’ll watch these movies and see these actors that suck, the boom-mic will fall into the frame, or bad editing, and I think that’s hilarious. Then I think, somebody made this, this is real. To me, it’s a personal thing. I don’t give a shit if I saw it on LaserDisc or DVD, it doesn’t matter, this is a piece of someone’s story, and I found it sitting there at a thrift store.

GL: They went through it all to do something, and then put it out.

NM: Yeah, and we can laugh at that and think, ‘this movie sucks’ or ‘this is the worst movie of all time,’ but at least they made a movie, you know? I haven’t made a movie. 

GL: What’s your favorite tape that you have, if you could pick just one?

NM: If I had to pick only one?

GL: Yeah, one that embodies everything that you’ve been talking about, like someone putting themselves on the line, going through this whole thing, doing their absolute best. I know that you have really liked Coven.

NM: That’s number two, if I could only keep one, Things is the one. It would be that one because, okay, it’s terrible. It’s a complete failure if you’re looking at textbook, but you can tell it’s three people that are making a movie because they love movies. You can tell that they tried their best. It’s just so unique and cool. Getting to know the guy who made it has made me like it even more.

GL: What is his name again?

NM: Berry Gillis 

GL: Have there been any bad side effects for you as a collector?

NM: Oh yeah, for sure. It’s like a compulsion. Thinking that buying more stuff is going to make you feel good but then once you get it, you don’t feel any better about your life. It’s just a thing. I’ve learned a lot about what I want and don’t want out of life just by buying VHS tapes.

GL: What has been the hardest thing that you’ve had to deal with or confront inside yourself as a collector?

NM: It’s been hard to balance the feeling that I need something or why I even do it. Nothing in my life has ever been affected by the fact that I own hundreds of VHS. I’ve met friends through it, but you know, my personal life hasn’t really changed that much. So it’s been hard to learn why I do it and what it’s good for. 

GL: What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with as a person? 

NM: Like, the hardest specific time of my life?

GL: Yeah, the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through.

NM: The hardest time of my life was three things all at the same time. A failing long term relationship along with my music career, and my mom having cancer. Wow, I never really thought about it like that. That’s a lot of stuff. No wonder I went nuts.

GL: How did you respond to that?

NM: Well, by trying to feel good any way I could, trying to get away from it. Smoking weed and continuing to work. Then dropping everything and moving to Idaho and spending six months not doing good. 

GL: You’ve mentioned to me before that collecting as a side-affect for people who are into history. Could you say more about what you mean by that?

NM: With some collectors I think the thing they collect is just the mascot for the overall feeling that they are trying to regain or remember. The historical aspects of collecting is trying to feel a piece of history that’s gone and not forgetting it. 

GL: What are some challenges that you think the next generation will face in collecting old or old media? 

NM I think about that a lot when I go to the thrift store. Stuff in the past 20 years hasn’t been made to last. I also think that people buy things differently now, stuff is meant to be bought every five years now. Nothing is held onto. The generations before The Boomers were more the type to not get rid of stuff and fix things. 

GL: Yeah, I think that’s true. Maintaining things isn’t part of everyday life as much as it used to be. 

NM: I think that’s going to change the way things go in the next 20 years when it comes to collecting old junk. I mean, a VHS tape sold in 1999 right now is essentially garbage to people. There’s no way people are going to be able to find it later. 

GL: Yeah, it might even come down to thrift stores changing quite a bit because the amount of stuff that’s going to last will be less and less. 

NM: In 10 years or so, there’s no way you’re going to go to the thrift store and see stuff that I have a hard time not buying, like old fake wood-grain clock radios and stuff from the 70s that reminds me of being a kid. I mean, it doesn’t matter, it’s not going to affect my life or anyone’s life, but it’s just changing. That’s why I think people buy and collect stuff anyway, is because things are changing and they want to remember.

GL: Yeah, I think that’s a good point. I think that people collect things because they feel like a sense of compulsion to hang on to what they had before.

NM: Yeah, and also comfort, because life is hard. You know, there’s this guy I see at my work, he comes in every day or every other day with his daughter to buy Hot Wheels cars. He repaints them and collects them. I just wonder what that guy’s life is like, you know. He’s a nice guy, we talk and stuff, but why does he do it? I don’t know. But I can’t blame him. 

GL: We talked about the hardest thing you went through in your life, what is something that you’re most grateful for?

NM: That’s hard. I feel like I got lucky. I haven’t had a bad life or hard life. Not any more than the average person. I feel lucky that I got a good branch of my family tree. I feel lucky that my dreams from when I was a kid came true as in my life goals of wanting to be a touring musician and put out records. I feel lucky that when I thought it was all over, life got better. 

GL: You’ve been collecting tapes for a really long time. You were even in a tape collecting documentary, right? What was that called?

NM: It’s called Adjust Your Tracking. You can see it on YouTube. It’s collectors and filmmakers talking about VHS.

GL: Wasn’t there another movie you were involved with?

NM: Yeah, there’s another movie called Hi-8, a Hi8 is a type of analog tape recording. There was a Facebook group for it. A lot of people that made pretty famous SOV films were in that group, and everyone would talk. It was super cool and positive. I posted on there and said, ‘with all the talent in this group, we should make an anthology movie,’ because everyone lived in different places, but had all made movies. Then Tim Ritter who made a bunch of movies was the first one to comment and it took off. The movie got made and released and reviewed in Fangoria Magazine. I had nothing to do with it other than that first post, so I’m not taking any credit, everyone else did it. One of the guys who was involved in it did an interview where he said, ‘I was sitting at home thinking about the old days and how we used to do stuff and blah, blah, blah, so I had this idea to make an anthology movie.’ He just took the whole credit. All the credit should go to the Facebook group of people that were working together, not just some piece of shit guy that thinks he’s cool because he made a really shitty low budget $1,000 movie in the 80s that no one cares about. It just offended me. There’s a lot of that mentality in collecting and collecting circles. But they’re are shitty people in everything, so it’s not really surprising.

GL: You’ve talked with me about that before, the weird collector evil side. Explain more about what that is. 

NM: It’s like when you see someone wearing designer shoes at WinCo. No one gives a shit about your shoes, because it doesn’t matter. It’s the same thing in tape collecting. If you have the rarest or most sought after one that everyone wants, people just want to show off, fill a hole in their personality or self-esteem. They just want to be the one with the most. I just think that’s kind of gross. You show that you have Tales From the QuadeaD Zone on VHS and everyone’s supposed to act like you are a great and interesting person because you spent a bunch of money on it. Nobody cares. You know, at the end of the day, you may have 400 tapes and your mom may be going through cancer treatments, you know, and what is that going to do for you? I think you have to find your balance or else you’re just making your life worse. You’re letting the collection ruin your life.

GL: Yeah, absolutely. I think that can be said for a lot of things. I want to talk more about Tales From the QuadeaD Zone but first, talk to me about SOV. 

NM: In the 80s when VHS got more affordable, and movie stores started opening up, there wasn’t a very big selection of tapes to rent, and shit was getting rented like crazy. VHS was a really cheap way that you could make movies. With home video cameras, there was no developing costs and editing was easier. Movie stores needed more tapes. People realized they could make a really bad movie, spend most of their budget on good box art, call the movie stores and sell it themselves. These movies would do well because some dumb-ass Megadeth fan stoner would rent a horror movie with someone getting eaten, like Cannibal Campout, and think that it was awesome and rented over and over again. It created this sub-genre of horror movies. People could make their own movie for 500 bucks and then get distribution to Blockbuster. It would do really well. These movies were sold in the backs of magazines, too. They were also considered pieces of shit, so nobody hung onto them. Then by 2008, they’re hard to find, collectors are starting to catch on, and everyone wants to see the weirdest shit they can. They go, ‘Okay, well, have you seen this? This is the weirdest move ever,’ and there’s like four copies in existence. That’s how, of course, all collector’s markets turn out.

GL: That’s pretty cool. SOV just stands for ‘Shot On Video’ then?

NM: Yeah, and it’s kind of like calling a type of music ‘Indie Rock.’ It sounds more vague than it really is. Shot On Video is a type of sub-genre.

GL: Do you think that there are any SOV movies that people still don’t know about?

NM: For sure. There are ones that people made that never got released that blogs like Bleeding Skull are putting out for the first time. There’s so much lost stuff like that. Now is the best time ever for being a collector if you just want to see cool rare stuff, because people are releasing stuff like that. A lot of people complain about how the old days are gone, of discovering something you feel like no one else in the world knows about. I complain about that too, but if you just want cool stuff, it’s all there now. We’re living in God’s computer, anything you want, you can have. Any TV show, any movie, any album.

GL: This concept of finding something that no one else has found before, I think that that has been deeply rooted in humanity for a long time. Where’s the weirdest place that you have gone and how far you have gone to find something?

NM: Like digging through moldy boxes in the basement of an old strip club? I’ve embarrassed myself sometimes looking for tapes. I’ve shown up places and asked for tapes, called all the old movies stores and they act like I’m crazy. Yeah the strip club, it was an abandoned strip club with a sign, a handmade sign that said, ‘Estate Sale.’ There was just a guy selling moldy boxes of old magazines and books. I’ve been in places before where I felt unsafe, like they were selling something illegal. There’s been a few places looking for tapes that I’ve ended up and felt uncomfortable. For sure. Where I didn’t know what else they were selling behind the scenes. If I get that feeling, no tapes worth that, you know.

GL: Yeah, that’s crazy. What are the most sought-after rare tapes right now?

NM: I’m sure that there is more now. In the past three years I quit being a part of that whole scene. I just separated myself. The one Holy Grail that I remember was that Tales From the QuadeaD Zone, it’s an anthology movie that was filmed in the 80s by this guy Chester Turner that’s like insanely weird and fun. That one I know, from Scarecrow Video, sold for $1,000. 

GL: Woah, a VHS tape?

NM: Yeah, but that’s how collectors’ markets happen. I don’t know how much money people spend on stuff now, but it’s all about having the biggest gold chain or whatever. It just makes me sad. So my own collection makes me sad too in a way. 

GL: Talk about that a little bit more.

NM: Unless you’re trying to get all of something, you’re never done. It’s really hard to not let it crush you. The second I get a tape I want, it doesn’t matter anymore. Essentially, I’ve quit buying them because it shouldn’t be about owning the thing. Some of them I bought I don’t even want to watch because I don’t want to hurt them. Well, what’s the point of that? Sometimes the collection just bums me out. I’m just carrying these things all around from apartment to apartment or from state to state. Every time I do it, I wonder why I’m taking it with me.

GL: Yeah. It’s almost like a collection can veer pretty close to the edge of obsession. 

NM: Oh, I’ve completely been there. Looking every day looking on Craigslist. Something will happen in my life that’s really rough or bad, and I’ll just buy as much as I can, you know, in ways that makes me feel better. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with a healthy distraction, because the reality of life is very bad. But it can get to the point where it’s like, you have to constantly be asking yourself why?

GL: Yeah, and be willing to maybe let go of some too, I mean, you are doing that now.

NM: Yeah, and its hard looking at all the ones I’m getting rid of, but I don’t need any of those, you know? In the past few years, after all that stuff went down, I’ve tried to focus on making stuff, writing music or collages. It just seems like a way better use of my life then spending $40 on some tape. 

GL: And a lot of those tapes will not be able to work eventually, right? 

NM: Yeah, they degrade in time.

GL: How long do you think for some of the tapes that you have, how long do you think it would take for them to get to that point?

NM: I don’t know. The oldest tape that I have is my own family home video from Christmas 1984 and it looks good still. 

GL: That’s good. So who knows?

NM: I don’t care if they fade out. By the time they’re fading out, I’ll be fading out too. So I’ll go with them.