Happy 2 Years of Horror Fashion Review

🍒Horror Fashion Review is 2 years old today🍒

It’s funny to say that it’s been two years when I’ve been doing this stuff my whole life. At least now I have a way to put it all down and share it with 20 people. 

Should I get into cake decoration?

This year I’ve thought a lot about how one thing can be many things and that we’ve all just been the suckers living in calculated one dimension for so long we don’t even know how it happened. 

Horror & fashion are the king and queen of my life. They are the things that are more than just those things. My love for them exists in this make-believe bubblegum world that is perfect in every way.

Horror Fashion Review is like a strawberry 🍓 Ring Pop that I can crawl inside of and hang out in. Warm red crystal candy walls that help me make it through a day. It helps me process my own life, my past, & whatever else I struggle with. 

The paradox of loving fashion in a dying world is similar to the paradox of existing. We are good at giving importance to the unimportant and in doing so it helps us survive.

Its been a dream really. Obsessing about skirts, pastel hues, and female characters. How they move the way they do in the clothes they wear. How their attitudes shift with each outfit change. How their arc is defined to the audience as the fashion allows for the storytelling. It’s a messy colorful wonderful dream that I won’t ever stop doing because I’ll bet that life wont ever stop hurting.

Because Horror Fashion Review wouldn’t have begun without them, I’m thankful to every costumer, wardrobe director and assistant who help breathe life into female characters by the colors, textures, patterns and styles they give to them. 

Thank you for taking time out of your life to read this, to follow me, to see my posts. Thanks for the support, the encouragement, the connection and the engagement. 

I am choosing to do celebrate by writing my very own version of a Horror Fashion Week.

It will be about fashion & horror & babes & more than just that.

Thankful for 2 awesome therapeutic years 🖤📼🤍

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