Happy 2022

I’ll take the whole tray

The pressure of a new year is here! YAY! The start to a new year is always a great time to reflect on all the shit you’ve been running from, in hopes of confronting it, dealing with it, and emerging anew. Whether you’ve been running from the psycho on the loose killing everyone at midnight in each time zone, or ya know, actual deep-rooted stuff you’ve been bottling up for awhile, a new year is the perfect excuse to get it all out. It’s been a deep hard dive into my life this January. I’ve been dealing with some major Covid side-effects that have made me extra insane/miserable lately. But I’ve also been doing the new year thing; looking inward on the habits of posting/being on social media and how it affects me. I’ll put it this way. It takes away a part of how important art can be, to share it constantly, explain it away, or self-promote. There is an element of hopelessness in every single post I make online. It’s hard to feel like it isn’t completely pointless. It’s like screaming into the void…but it’s worse than that because at least in the void you can pretend that god is listening. But online is a tin can. ITS A TIN CAN PEOPLE. It’s all noise, contained.

I’m so fucking BORED when I’m online these days. Outside of very few people I follow, nothing really brings me motivation anymore. The drive to DO something, anything. The drive to create something, not just for the sake of creating, or just for the sake of posting (I’ll die). The stagnancy of online life is here to stay my wonderful babes! Maybe art IS dead and I’m the fool who doesn’t know it yet. Instagram is a revolving door of all the same stuff over and over again, and the algorithms are set in motion to keep it that way. It’s like I’m on the Tilt-a-Whirl and the kid next to me really knows how to lean into the turns and I’m gonna throw up any second. No one is doing anything wrong, I just don’t want to be on the ride anymore. This is my bottled up thing, the thing I thought would go away on its own. All this to say, my official 2022 New Years resolution is to take a step back from the Instagram world. I think it’s clear that I need to.

It’s the January blues as usual here in Boise, freezing 19 degree days with blinding sunshine. You’ll find me sitting in the Flying M on a day off, hiding from my “new year new me” & “all your art is meaningless unless you self promote and post about stuff constantly” depression.

So, naturally, I do the only thing I know will cheer me up, and I go back to 1980.

New Years Evil is the type of 80s horror that will completely surprise you. It’s incredibly well done. (I know many would fight me on that). It’s effortless. It’s actually a terrifying story and it’s full of great colorful early 80s fashion. Also what better way to celebrate the fact that I will be getting married this year then to fully embrace the theme of a killer husband. Ah, true love.

There are a lot of dolls that take the hit in this crazy all nighter but for this one we are gonna focus on main babe Roz Kelly who plays Diane Sullivan; epic live NYE music host with a killer bod and cool attitude. She plays terrible mother and the pursued victim of her misogynistic murderous husband…AND son.

When we very first meet Diane, it’s honestly nothing special. I mean, the girl has a presence, but the long white satin robe isn’t doing her super caked on too-unmatched foundation any favors. We know it’s a dressing robe, but damn it makes her look scary.

When we see her live television look, we are enthralled. The black fishnets, the neon pink metallic mini dress with the slit up the side and matching long gloves with shoulder and hand openings. Red nails, red lip, pink eyebrows, pink blush. A statement has been made. This girl knows who she is and doesn’t care if anyone has a problem with it.

She’s on the phone a lot

The jewelry additions for her really play up the “I’m on tv doing a live show but I know you aren’t sure if I wear this to the grocery store too” kinda vibe. Long chunky uncomfortable crystal and beaded earrings with a silver beaded chunky necklace to match. A thick studded chocker collar right above that, a leather band bracelet and a big plastic bangle. We are here for it.

Peep the zipper on those awesome gloves

My favorite part of this outfit, weirdly enough, are the straps on the dress. White lace with black lace weaved through. What a fucking call! It goes with absolutely nothing about this dress and I LOVE IT. A total costuming win as far as I’m concerned and every scene we get of her on the phone is another chance for us to soak it in.

Throughout the film the dude kills off babes at midnight and we are all watching in anticipation for how he will do each one. I’m a true sucker for any movie with a drive-in scene. It’s like, life doesn’t exist without it. So when there is a villain on the loose and he ends up killing a motorcycle punk in the drive-in lot, you have my full and complete attention.

My attention was had even minutes before this when we see lovely white lace bra babe, played by Teri Copley, barely covering her tits in the back seat of a car smoking weed and making out with her guy. (The ultimate date night) Her purple cardigan has a matching white lace collar, which we totally die over and approve of and she paired it with simple dark wash blue jeans.

Of course, the cherry on top of this look are the long blonde pig tails. It’s all sweet, wholesome, effective, and trust me boys and girls, it matters what you wear to the drive-in. Let her be the example, because she gets away after all, and you just don’t kill a girl who knows what the fuck she’s wearing.

Back at the live-taping in the hotel, Diane takes a break to change before Midnight. A girl after my own heart, changing outfits to keep the spirits alive. I see you Diane.

But what I also see, is that perfect faux leopard print coat WITH added buttons on it. Fully embracing her roll as punk-rock NYE queen. I bow down to this entire look. It is complete. There is NOTHING I would change.

The sheen of the original dress is elevated in juxtaposition with the fabric of the coat. It is a truly iconic pairing. I will most likely be wearing this exact outfit for halloween this year. Or actually to any and all shows. Be on the lookout.

We see Diane again in the elevator, all changed and ready for her midnight close-up. I honestly don’t know what this zebra meets computer graphics design mini cape jacket thing that she is wearing but I’m not mad at the choice. Diane is incredibly “extra”. Also, it is pretty hilarious that her terrifying husband ends up awkwardly taking it off of her before his huge monologue in the elevator. He’s so sick of her he won’t even let her keep the jacket. A little keyhole look into their tumultuous marriage. All I know is, that heart lightning bold necklace HAS to exist in the real world and I’m going to find it.

We get a full head-to-toe look of this gorgeous jumpsuit when she’s tied up ready to meet her end. High heel black boots, shiny metallic red full sleeve zip-up jumpsuit with a shiny thick pink belt. If this isn’t NYE attire for a live show idk what is. But also this outfit is giving me major Valentine’s party vibes? We will go with it.

When I’m face to face with my killer husband, I want to be looking this good

There she is, ready to be chained and dropped from an elevator shaft and she’s looking like a stunning, shimmering doll. Praise be all shiny jumpsuits of the world. Thank you for making literally everyone who wears them look hot as hell. Let this be a lesson to us in the coming year, when in doubt, wear that fucking jumpsuit.

As always, costume and wardrobe credits go to Christina Tejeda, the babe behind the vision, the brain behind these awesome fashion moments. We are forever grateful.

Happy 2022 all you horror lovers! I hope this year is one that makes you genuinely proud of yourself, no matter how that looks.


Grace Lovera

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