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My name is Grace Lovera and I’m obsessed with watching horror movies on VHS and writing about fashion. I like to focus on female character arcs in a horror film based on the outfits they wear. I love highlighting the importance of choices made in their wardrobe, lifting them up or breaking it all down. Sometimes a babe calls for the unexpected, or maybe the bff is annoyingly preppy and dresses the part completely, and other times what we see in costume doesn’t reflect their character at all. It’s a fascinating biz. Click on one of my recent posts to read the latest, or, you can just start at the beginning…

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About Me

I recently graduated with a BFA in Narrative Arts in May of 2021 from Boise State University. I currently work in the jewelry and wedding industry and I write freelance whenever I get the chance. My true loves always remain the same; Writing (storytelling of any kind), fashion, and horror films. For more about me, click A Year of Horror Fashion Review : A Retrospective