A Year of Horror Fashion Review : A Retrospective

Hey! I made it to a full year of doing something I love more than anything in the world! How cool. Taking this opportunity to do a mini introduction of myself while we are all here. First and foremost, I fucking HATE talking about myself. So I’m gonna get it out of the way now and then never speak of it agaiiiinnnnnn.

Here’s a picture of me with a stupid sparkle filter

I was born in South America, Peru, in 1989. I was born in a very small sand-dune town called Ica (Ee-ka). I moved to the states with my family when I was a fat little tootsie roll baby. My mom is from the states, white with English and German roots. My dad, Peruvian born and bred has deep Peruvian, Italian, and African roots. Which makes me… human, with dual citizenship. I’m a mix of it all.

I grew up as a middle child with two brothers who’s greatest gift to me growing up was never treating me like a girl. We’d make dirt pits in the back yard with our shirts off as kids and get dirty and cut up and bloody from being feral in the hot summer heat of Arizona.

I’ve struggled with depression since I was 12 years old, I even had a stint in the loony bin a few years back and every single day poses the familiar challenges that depression brings. Depression is no joke. I don’t wish it on anyone.

I started writing at a young age. I was homeschooled for all of my grade school years because of dyslexia and A.D.D, so I didn’t write very well, but I loved it. I realized quickly that writing was therapeutic and my relationship with it became even stronger through all the physical ailments and mental issues and shit that comes with growing up.

I owe my love of horror to my father. He is the reason I grew up watching all of the horror movies I did at a young age. I’ve never met someone else who laughs the way he does while watching them. I grew up watching MonsterVision on TNT with Joe Bob Briggs, watching old black and white horror movies from the 50s, and Alfred Hitchcock’s best. Night of the Living Dead was one of the first ever horror films I watched with my dad when I was young and it blew me away. It solidified my love for horror and for writing all at once. That was all it took and I was hooked. The rest is history.

My love of style, color, obsession with detail, and expression in fashion has always been there. It was there when depression, a.d.d, and dyslexia held me back in most “normal” ways. I would always dress the way I wanted to no matter where I was going, or what people thought of me because it made me feel like I was in control of my life when I didn’t feel like I was in control of my own brain. I guess ultimately, I owe my love of fashion to my saddness, as strange as that may seem. Shout out to reading Archie comics on weekends to see the colors and outfits that made Betty and Veronica so fucking cool and untouchable. And watching horror movies on school nights to see the clothes that the babes in the films would wear and what their character’s were like. This helped me become who I am now, and I’m happy it was there.

Horror Fashion Review started out of necessity. It was inevitable, really. It was a passion that turned into an unavoidable need in 2020, during a time and place when all good things were void. I had nothing but scary time on my hands to stress out, read Archie comics and watch horror movies. I deleted my instagram and social media outlets for about 6 months and stopped writing in my journal because it was as if I was repeating the same day over and over again. My experience was perhaps exactly like so many others. Looking back, I don’t think I would have made it out had I not carved this outlet for myself. HFR allowed me the distraction I needed and the focused intention I was missing. Bonus, I finally had a place to put all my thoughts down about the movies I loved to watch and the things I would say aloud to myself while watching them. Commenting on a bag or a skirt choice was no longer a lonesome whisper when this blog was born. My eternal fashion soapbox. I’m thankful to my past self for starting this. Thankful to my present self for using it when life doesn’t always feel so good.

I recently just graduated college, a fucking accomplishment I never imagined possible, and it took me 5x longer than anyone on earth because of all my shit that holds me back but I DID IT. Graduated in May with a bachelor’s degree in Narrative Arts. Now that I’m done with school, the endless papers and homework of the last decade are officially over and I’m ready to use my time to write what I want.

Excited for a new year with Horror Fashion Review! Ready to bust out more of them for anyone out there reading. I also have an instagram I created solely for HFR so check it out if you haven’t yet, it’s @horrorfashionreview

As always, thank you for reading


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