Goodbye Winter

In a smokey bar up in the woods the remains of the New Year fall behind in scattered disarray as a cold reminder that things don’t significantly change after midnight. In the wake of reality, Jeff sits at an empty table in his all-blue snow attire after losing the ski race and the girl of his dreams.

It’s an icy high of 51 degrees here in Boise with biting winds and the slopes in town are staying open another week. So what better film to close out this cold and bitter winter HFR style than Iced, released February 1st 1989. During this whirlwind of a film we are taken to the mountains; a place where couples quarrel, where a scorned dead lover looms in the memory of his friends, where a killer is hot on their trail, and of course, where fashion is king.

My VHS copy ❤

As we know to be true; babes are best in a group of three. Thankfully, we get that lucky number with this film. Let’s break it down. We have our main girl Trina, played by the wonderful Debra DeLiso. Diane, played by Elizabeth Gorcey. And last but most certainly not least, Jeanette, played by the mega hot and mega talented Lisa Loring. This trifecta of characters and their individual styles is exactly what I crave in a horror movie, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Babes in the kitchen: Jeanette, Trina & Diane

A note about color: from the beginning of this film, we are given a good amount of the color white. White snow, white landscape, white outfits, white contrast. Color is key in storytelling, especially in fashion, so it’s no surprise that we are noticing this choice from the get.

Cute babe, cute.

First up is Diane. Diane is the girl we get the least time with in this film overall, but what we get of her is exactly what we need. Naturally, as with all the girls in this film, we meet her in the snow. Diane is a quiet, more reserved, sweet character. She’s head to toe in all-white ski gear, with bright bubblegum pink and 80’s-only light turquoise blue gloves and matching scarf. These colors are playful and child-like, bringing out the innocence in her character right off the bat. We know the trajectory we are in for when it comes to her. Also, the Russian style fuzzy hat is giving us effortless cute.

Each babe that we meet in the beginning comes back after a “4 years later” mark in the film. When we see Diane again, she’s still as cute as ever, with an updated sophisticated look that’s less pastels of the past.

80s Safari print was SUCH a vibe

We get safari print, we get layered crystal necklaces, we get sea urchin-like earrings, we get Diane’s vibe all grown up and we have no complaints. I cannot say enough about this combination. Its Classic 80s meets modest sweet wife who married a doctor.

AND the chunky brown belt

If there was ever an outfit to wear while laying on a bed in a rented ski cabin in the woods after having an awkward fight with your husband, this is the one.

We love a chunky patterned sweater

Diane and her prints. The final outfit we get from Diane is this chunky blue diamond sweater over black pants with another chunky long sleeve turtle neck underneath. The diamond print is a nod to her playful character and the black layering adds the sophistication that comes with years of growth.

Diane, being the sweet and charming character that she is, follows her hot doctor husband wherever he may go. Which is exactly how she carries these outfits. Completely and without hesitation. This particular diamond outfit is what we get from Diane until her bitter end. The icicle through the eyeball as she’s sitting next to her husband was a fitting death for sweet devoted Diane.

Our babe Jeanette is Diane’s opposite. Daring, anything but quiet, sensual, and not afraid to get what she wants. When we meet her, its nothings but black and white, baby, and somehow it just instantly clicks that her vibe is palpable and we are along for the ride.

The black belt, the white long sleeve skin tight dress, the white scarf with the matching hair band, all tied together with hoop earrings. This girl is oozing charisma and she doesn’t need any colors to show it. She’s part good girl part bad girl and the contrast in the black and white obviously elevates these aspects of her character. Also, it’s in the hoops. You have to be a little bad if you’re a hoops girl.

The twisted hairband is such a statement. On the slopes is one thing, but to keep it on in the bar, what a choice.

She’s a drop earrings kinda girl with a bright fire lip

When we see Jeanette after the 4 year comeback, she’s as bold as ever in fire hydrant reds. Of course, she’s still wearing her effortless black only this time its not as minimal as before.

Black boots, black pants, black jacket with bright fire red socks and matching turtleneck sweater. The Cruella de Vil of the snow cabin has arrived and everyone can feel it.

Jeanette is the sexy, horny, ready-to-go-at-any-moment type character, and lest we forget, we get scenes of her that remind us. Like this one, where she’s eating a huge raw carrot and drinking a glass of red wine. I’ve never tried this combination before in my naughtiest of moments but when I do, I will absolutely be wearing this outfit.

The thing about Jeanette is that her character goes deeper than just beauty. She’s complex. She wants love like any other bangin’ babe but is conflicted when it comes to her own self worth. She knows she’s a babe and she knows she’s got a lot to offer, but she’s always giving it to the wrong guys. ALL OF THIS is shown with this hairstyle.

We get notes of Jeanette being hot and desperate when she changes in the mirror. She slips into all-black lingerie to impress the guy that she decided was hot while speaking to him on the phone. Again, we get her spice with these choices.

Thankfully she goes without the short ruffled sleeve robe before leaving, a VERY good last minute decision.

And what would you want to put over an all-black lingerie outfit? You called it, nothing but layers and layers of white. A long white soft pleated skirt with a fuzzy off-the-shoulder white sweater that’s belted at the waist. Jeanette is welcoming back the original black and white goddess she always was. Fighting with good and evil, fighting with being good to herself but always making the wrong decisions. These color choices could not be more perfect for her.

The white shoes say so much here.

The last outfit we get from Jeanette before she is electrocuted in the hot tub and left to freeze, is a simple sleeved all-white robe. It’s delicate, it’s fragile, it’s honest. A lot like Jeanette. We see her naked silhouette through the fabric as she begins to step into the tub.

The strawberry lipstick and the rouge on the cheeks leave us with the reminder of the red she wore when she arrived at the cabin 4 years later. And in true form, Jeanette would absolutely wear a pair of pearl drop earrings in a hot tub all by herself in the middle of winter. Jeanette, you may have deserved more but thankfully we could feel your struggle all along.

Trina, Trina, Trina! The star of the show, the belle of the snow ball. We are introduced to her in a ski ensemble of white, dark magenta, grey, and black . She balances all of these colors well, using black and grey as more accented hue to the white and magenta.

With Trina, the whites she wears elevate her classy girl next door but also damn sure of herself attitude. She’s the least extreme version of the women characters, especially in comparison to the drastic opposites of Diane and Jeanette. She knows what she wants, but is always far too proud to beg for it.

When we see Trina again in the resort, tucked away with her new lover that won her affection on the slopes, we get the reds we are dying to see on her. Red ski pants with matching hair band and a tight light grey long sleeve. This outfit screams independence and oozes sophistication. With this outfit, we know Trina isn’t a desperate character like the other ladies.

The kicker to this gloriously simple outfit are the shiny solid star earrings that she’s wearing. Iconic in EVERY WAY this choice tells us she’s playful, fun, and she was never a horse girl because she was ALWAYS a stars and moon girl instead. I see you Trina.

When we see Trina after the 4 year separation, she’s a blushing new-ish bride still dressed in white. The poofy ski coat with the light wash high-waisted mom jeans is perfect. It’s subtle, it’s minimal, it’s spunky and it’s so Trina.

Under the poofy coat she has a small diamond patterned sweater with a white turtleneck underneath and we aren’t surprised.

The light blue sweater is an easy choice for Trina. Confident, cool, in a stable committed relationship, isn’t trying to show off but also isn’t afraid to look like a mom.

When we see Trina again, she’s changed out of the turtleneck and blue sweater and into a way less obvious choice of a white and red Rockadiles band tee with rolled up sleeves while she lifts dumbbells in the kitchen. What a decision! Just like the delightful surprise of the star earrings from earlier, we realize with this shirt that Trina is way more than meets the eye. She brings to her character more spunk and sass and we are eager to see where it takes us.

We are reminded of the red and white that she wore on the first day we meet her. It mirrors that time. In story arch and in outfit choice it makes sense for her trajectory. Especially when we get her next outfit.

People have been dying, the killer is on the loose and Trina wakes up like an angel in a long blue night shirt with slits on either side and the long sleeves rolled up.

When shits most definitely gonna hit the fan, she rushes to get ready to leave the cabin and in her rush is left without pants. She is bare legged in the cold with her grey and black ski boots and poofy white coat.

This outfit choice towards the end of the film for her is incredible. We get just enough sexy with her bad ass character. Of course, we knew she was gonna hold out until the end and this outfit most definitely helps her get there. Quite literally.

Also, when was the last time you saw this type of style choice in a snow-themed horror movie? It’s so fucking good. There is nothing like running for your life in the freezing cold with a pair of 80s snow boots and a long night shirt. Trina pulls it off so well its almost like she came up with the idea herself.

When she’s back inside the cabin, hiding from the killer, she looses the coat and all that’s left is the midnight blue of her shirt and the snow boots. I can’t say enough about it. It’s so simple, it’s so effective, and it’s what we’ve been wanting from Trina because we knew she had it in her.

The last time we see Trina, is 5 years later. She is back in the snow where she ultimately belongs, husband and kids around her and she’s giving us the white and blues we know and love.

The white baret is upper class playful chic and the chunky two-tone blue sweater says mom over and over again.

Thank you, Trina for being you till the very end. The white gloves are a perfect matching moment with the hat and undershirt. The black and silver chunky belt solidifies her as the woman who got everything she always wanted, just lookout for that snowman, babe.

As always here at HFR, I’m giving a major shout out to the Costume and Wardrobe supervisor Laurel Dokos. Thanks for giving us these goods, Laurel.

Until next time,

Grace Lovera

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